Journal #1

When I was reading Matthew, I came across a passage about divorce. It described divorce as a sin and the only excuse for it is adultery. It is so funny to me how common divorce is these days. Some people go through spouses like they do cars-one every 5 years or so. My parents are divorced and I have several friends who have divorced parents as well. It is almost normal to me. But the bible describes it as not normal. It is just funny how society has changed so much. Jesus goes on to say that if a man and woman are not meant to be “it is better not to marry.”(Matthew 19:10) That made me think about my own parents. These are two people who would kill each other if they could get away with it, yet they were married and in love at one point in their lives. I really think that in today’s society we allow unimportant factors such as money or social status get in the way of our marriage. My mom and her current husband have almost suffered the same fate when our family went through times of financial instability. It is upsetting that love can’t conquer everything anymore.

Journal #2

I once had a coach tell me that “we are creatures of habit,” and if I pitied myself in practice, I would carry that bad habit into a game. He was right. When I read Slaughterhouse, a piece of the story brought me back to what my coach told me a while back. Ultimately, Tommy Vladak had lost his family due to the stress of his job. His position at the meat packaging factory involved sticking animals in the neck and sometimes beating them to death. He talks about how he became “emotionally dead” and “just as sadistic as the company itself.” (Eisnitz, 75) Then he went on to describe how the worst part what the job did to his families. He would go home and treat his children and wife as if they were the hogs that he stuck on a daily basis. He even smacked around his wife a time or two and admitted to getting physical with his children as well. His bad habits that he had to practice at work carried over to his life outside of the factory. In the end, the job that had brought his family a comfortable lifestyle was the very thing that took his family away from him. While reading Matthew 16, I came across a verse that said “what good would it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” This verse described Vladaks fate perfectly. He became incredibly insensitive towards everything and everyone in his life. He lost his soul. It is so unfortunate how this lovable man turned into a violent, unpleasant person because of his job.

Journal #3

After finishing Slaughterhouse, I was confused as to whether I felt more sympathy for the animals or the workers. I then came to the conclusion that because the animals we going to be killed in the end, that I felt worse for the workers who were not only scarred physically, but emotionally as well. Tommy Vladak dropped a knife on his face while wrestling around with a hog, leaving a permanent and very noticeable scar on his face. It’s a daily reminder of not only what he put himself through for nine years, but also a reminder of everything he lost because of his job.


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